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1. PODS are easily exchanged during maintenance. A POD can be replaced in less than two hours, minimising your down time.

2. The design enables a low head design, useful for underground and other height limiting applications.

3. Damage by a failed bearing is isolated to one POD making the repair significantly cheaper than the replacement or reconditioning of traditional geared exciters or vibratory motors.

4. MVT PODS are grease lubricated and are designed 
with a 60 000 hour bearing life. Our PODS run at low temperatures due to oversized bearings and the lack of

electrical windings as found in traditional vibratory motor drives.

5. Each MVT POD uses two common FAG spherical roller bearings, reducing replacement bearing costs while maintaining the same or better dynamic loading

as traditional systems.

We encourage you to explore our Flange-Mounted Exciter (or POD) range of screens. This design does away with the traditional drive arrangements such as the geared exciter and cumbersome vibratory, motor drive-beam on larger screens and feeders.

The pods are directly bolted into the side plates where the vibration energy is required and not via a pipe or beam. This results in lighter and more cost effective machines.

The significant weight saving by doing away with the traditional drive beam enables us to build stronger, more durable and cost effective equipment.

We are able to design and manufacture our POD-driven screens to fit the footprint of existing screens with practically no changes to supporting structure and chutes.

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